You are about to go to visit Auckland? You are in the right place to find out how to explore this city so famous for its Yacht club.

ITINERARY - AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: here is the full itinerary for a tour of these 2 countries.

Auckland - city view

Auckland may be the largest city in New Zealand, there are not many thing to visit there. However it’s still a must see during a trip to New Zealand. Furthermore, you won’t need to use public transportation to visit the city because everything is reachable on foot.

Here is the schedule I recommend following in order to discover the city and its surroundings in 2 days:

Schedule - Auckland, 2 days

Day 1: the harbour

Auckland - hull of the KZ-1 who competed in the America's Cup in 1988
Auckland - Wynyard Crossing bridge Auckland - pier Auckland - fish market
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For your first day, I recommend starting by visiting the harbour area. To do so, pass the Ferry Building, keep walking a little bit and the harbour entrance will be located right next to the Maritime Museum. Over there, you will be able to see the hull of the boat (KZ-1) who competed in the America’s Cup in 1988. Then go straight, and you will see the Wynyard Crossing bridge that opens from time to time to let boats pass. When in front of the Viaduct Events Centre, turn left, to get into a small street, and at the end of it, turn right on « Jellicoe Street ». Keep walking straight and you will see the Fish Market.

Tip: you can also click on the link down below from your smartphone, to open the itinerary to follow on google maps:
« Harbour Area » walking tour

If you keep walking a little bit after the Fish Market, you will be able to see the Westhaven Marina, the largest marina in the southern hemisphere. Afterwards, you can go to have lunch at the Fish Market restaurant before going to visit the Maritime Museum (admission : AU$20/adult and AU$10/child).

Once you have completed your visit of the harbour, I recommend going to Queen Street, the major commercial thoroughfare. And to finish the day, you can go strolling in Albert Park.

For dinner, you can go to eat in the neighborhood of Britomart Precinct.

Day 2: day trip in Devonport

Auckland - Devonport
Auckland - Devonport - yacht club Auckland - Devonport - military boat
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For your second day in Auckland, I highly recommend taking a day trip to the island of Devonport.

To get there, it is pretty simple. First, you need to buy a ferry ticket at the kiosk (fullers) which is located on the left side of the Ferry Building (round trip: NZ$12/adult and NZ$6.5/child). Then, go to the pier to take the ferry, it is located just behind the kiosks. The trip takes about ten minutes.

On the island, there are 2 extinct volcanoes to visit : North Head and Mount Victoria. On top of the volcanoes, you will have a breathtaking view of the island and of Auckland. Over there you can also visit 2 free museums : Devonport Museum and Navy Museum.



To reach the city centre from the airport, you have several options:

  • Skybus : it is the best choice if your hotel is located in the city centre and if you are traveling in couple or with children. It is a shuttle bus that makes a few stops in the city. But it won’t drop you off in front of your hotel.
Skybus - Fares
Adult NZ$16 NZ$28
Child (5-15 years) NZ$6 NZ$12
Family (2 adults and 3 children) NZ$38 NZ$72
  • Supershuttle (located at the gate 8 of the airport) : it is a collective minivan, but unlike the Skybus, it takes you directly to your hotel, like a taxi. The price per person is decreasing according to the number of passengers, so if you are 3 adults or more, the Supershuttle becomes a better choice than the Skybus. Furthermore, when the driver drops you off, he will ask you if you need a ride back to the airport. If yes, you can book your trip directly with him and a Supershuttle will pick you up at your hotel.
Supershuttle - Fares
CITY CENTRE - ONE WAY (fare/person)
1 person NZ$35
2 people NZ$21.5
3 people NZ$17
4 people NZ$14.75
5 people NZ$13.4
6 people ou more NZ$8
  • Taxis : a one way trip costs about NZ$75 to NZ$90.

Bus station

The InterCity bus station is located right next to the Sky Tower, in the city centre. It is pretty easy to reach it on foot, but in Auckland, many streets are steep, especially the one that leads to the bus station.


To get New Zealand dollars, there are, to me, 2 excellent ways:

  • Global Alliance: if your bank is a member of this alliance, then you can withdraw cash at any of the cash withdrawal machine of the Westpac bank in New Zealand, with your credit card. They don’t take commission and have one of the best rate.

Tip: for example, the members are:

  • Barclays in the UK
  • Scotiabank in Canada
  • Bank of America or Bank of the West in the USA
  • BNP Paribas or Hello Bank in France
  • Currency exchange offices: you can also carry some cash and go to change it over there (or even change it before going). And if you need money at the airport, just change what you need there, you’ll change the rest in town.

Tip: one of the best places to change money in Auckland is on Queen Street. The currency exchange office is located right next to a souvenir shop and not far from a Burger King (they normally don’t take commission).

Restaurants and shopping

Facing the Ferry Building, there is the Downtown Shopping Centre. Over there, you can find many shops and especially a food court where you can surely find something good to eat.


I recommend choosing a hotel in the city centre, close to Queen Street and to the harbour. Because all the main attractions of the city are located there.

Back then, I stayed at JUCY Snooze, which is a youth hostel but you can book individual rooms.

Description: rooms are clean and comfortable. The bathroom is provided with a shower. It is also possible to use the shared kitchen.

Price: about NZ$125 per night for 2 people.

Location: close to sightseeing places, which are within walking distance.

Pros Cons
the price no free WI-FI in the rooms, only available at the reception
very convenient location -
free left-luggage service -

Thanks for reading :)